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I am a buyer

You’re considering buying a home. Choosing to have a Delux Realty agent on your side is areally smart move.

We take you and your home purchase very seriously. This may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make and our agents are here to help guide you through every step in the process.

You might want to glance at few items we’ve put together in our video to the right explaining just about everything you can expect to happen as you begin the home purchasing process.

The technology is here. The expertise is here. All you really need to do is call us or let us know a little more about you. Complete the form under Talk to an Agent and an agent will contact you within 24 hours.

I am a seller

You’re moving on. We sell lots of homes. For that reason and many more, consider listing your home with us.

We’ve built an innovative, efficient, full-service real estate practice that is structured to help sellers just like you. When your potential buyer is looking for a home like yours, you’ll be prepared. When your potential buyer views your home, they’ll love it.

Check out a few items we’ve put together in our video to the left that list what you can expect to experience as you begin the process of selling your place.

The agents at Delux Realty have what it takes to sell your home. You’ll have what you need to move on. When you’re ready, let’s talk or let us know a little more about you and an agent will contact you within 24 hours.

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We’re so glad you stopped by. You’ll be glad too. We have agents that specialize in buying, selling and guiding you through whatever you need.

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We make your move stress free

  • Pre-arrival Assessment

    Arrival and pick-up services at the airport | Assessment of educational preferences | Housing requirements | List of documents and forms

  • Government Document Assistance

    Social Security | Driver’s License | Visa
    (list of documents needed will be supplied/ will accompany client for each of these services)

  • Home-finding Assistance

    Home Purchasing | Leasing (single family, apartments, etc) | Corporate Housing

  • Settling-in Services

    Opening Bank Account | Settling up Utilities | Furniture Rental Assistance | Leisure Activities & Entertainment | Other Assignee-Specific Needs

  • Schooling Services

    Provide a List of Private & Public Schools | Accompany Parents and Children to Visit School

  • Area Orientation

    Tour the city and get familiar with
    SHOPPING - ENTERTAINMENT - HOSPITALS (customized to client’s request & needs)

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